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Take charge of your career with help from a career and leadership coach

Not happy with your career path, the people you work with and the lack of any work-life balance? If your career isn’t what you want it to be then it’s time to make changes. As a career and leadership coach, I can help you do that. Book your free 15-minute consultation with Lilitalkabout.

Are you looking for a change?

Career change can be an anxious topic, especially if you have been in a career path for a while but are not sure if you made the right choice. Here at Lilitalkabout you can explore other avenues without compromising what you have in hand.


As a professional career and leadership coach, I can help you in every stage of your career


If you are looking for a change, we can work on your transferable skills; If you are looking to strengthen your current position, we can work on your leadership skills or if you are looking for promotion you may decide to work on upskilling.


If you are a manager that needs to focus on your team performance; or on growing your team by recruiting or upskilling, or simply on how to achieve high performance by motivating your team, we can focus on whatever your needs are.


I offer an environment where you can get some perspective so you can pinpoint the career that you’d like to explore, and the work/life balance that you want.


It all begins with a FREE 15-minute discovery call. Once I know your situation, I can suggest follow-up sessions and a suitable approach that will help you get back on track.

A Foundation For Future Career Success

"I was very lucky to be assigned Liliana as my coach in February, after a few bumpy months with both the coaching programme and my own career development … the timing couldn't have been better: from the very first session I felt supported, and with a plan of attack to address my own concerns and issues, and Liliana has been consistent in that support ever since. The way she effortlessly treads the line between mentoring and coaching is incredible to see, and I leave every session feeling clearer about what needs to be done to keep developing myself and the space around me.

As I become more comfortable with what I am doing and my career direction, I'm very pleased to continue to meet with Liliana as part of the coaching programme, and feed off of her wealth of knowledge and experience as I hit new hurdles. I can see why she is so popular across the coaching programme - keep being awesome, Liliana!"

Dave S

I have had 2-3 coaching sessions with Liliana and I am new to coaching. These coaching sessions have certainly helped me in thinking out loud, creating a plan for the issues I faced at my work and working towards my long term goals.
Overall the sessions have had a positive impact on my professional growth.



Let’s talk about your career. Book a FREE 15-minute discovery call now by calling 07806 636965

You can also book sessions through the site.

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