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Embrace who you are with  coaching sessions from lilitalkabout

Maybe you’re stagnating in a career that doesn’t reflect who you are?

Maybe the doors on an old life have closed and a fresh start is called for?

Maybe you’re finding it hard to reconcile who you are with who you think society expects you to be?

It’s time for a journey of self-discovery. It’s time to find out who you are and what you need to do to live the life that you want to live.

Lilitalkabout can help you do that.

About Lilitalkabout Transitional Coach

I help people that need a boost of confidence and self-belief so that they can achieve their goals socially, professionally, academically, or personally. I’m here to help you find yourself.

What I offer is a safe space for you to have an open and honest dialogue with yourself – an environment built on kindness, compassion, optimism, equality, justice, and freedom. Because in that environment – where you have the freedom to be the person that you are – is when you can start making the right choices for yourself.

The focus is all on you and your journey. It means homing in on what you’re good at and what’s meaningful to you. Your values! That means listening to that inner voice and accepting what it’s telling you. Only then can you live the life you want to live.

But why me?

Because it’s what I’m good at. Because it’s where my strengths are. I’m here with you because of my own journey of self-discovery. My name is Liliana. I was born in Brazil where I started my career in the financial services. I moved to England in the 90s where I continued to work in the same area but there was something missing. Part of my role involved mentoring apprentices, graduates, and junior members of my team. I discovered that doing that was what really motivated me at work.   It’s why I enrolled in a coaching course accredited by the ICF International Coaching Federation and qualified as a Professional coach. Now I coach people at all levels of the organisation from Apprentices to Managing Directors.  I’ve been helping people on their journeys of self-discovery ever since. And I can help you too.

Award For Coaching
An award for coaching

I am truly grateful for how amazing Lili has been from my very first interaction all the way through to the coaching sessions. I began by hesitantly reaching out to ask if there was any advice she could offer based upon listening to her own life experience and Lili has been nothing short of incredible from that point. She has listened, set up coaching sessions and this is helping me a lot. The coaching sessions provide a really good opportunity to talk about things which I have not spoken about before in confidence and helps me to arrive at conclusions whilst coming to terms with something or planning a new approach/way of thinking, which is invaluable. Lilly has given up her time, she has been professional and this is enabling me to become a better person. Thank you again Lili for all you are offering.

Sam B

Uplifted Youth

Your own journey of self-discovery starts here. For a FREE 15-minute discovery call, contact Lili Talkabout on 07806 636965

You can also book sessions through the site

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